The Diocese of Knoxville Catholic schools’ curriculum goals are illuminated by the light of faith and grounded in the spiritual truths of sacred scripture and Catholic tradition.

Through the integration of Catholic identity, spiritual formation, and moral/ethical behavior, our Catholic schools implement a rigorous curriculum focused on skills essential for students to become socially responsible global citizens. There is great emphasis in the development of creativity, problem-solving, decision-making and appreciation of truth and beauty in all aesthetic and cultural forms. 

Test Scores

SHCS participates in the Iowa Assessments as an annual indicator of academic performance. National School Percentiles indicate how SHCS performs when compared to the academic performance of other schools who administered the Iowa Assessments. Approximately 180,000 schools take the Iowa Assessments annually. The National School Percentiles display SHCS’s ranking in comparison to the other schools. The 50th percentile is considered average performance.

The chart reveals that most grades are at the 84th percentile or above. The dip in third grade is not unusual in that third grade is a transitional year for standardized tests. The third grade administration is the first time the students are expected to complete the subtests independently, to complete each subtest under time constraints, and to mark answers on a bubble sheet. In addition, third grade is administered the most subtests of any of the grades, from 1 through 8. For these reasons, many public schools choose to begin achievement testing in the third grade.