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Annual Giving

The Annual Fund is Sacred Heart Cathedral School’s most important fundraising campaign. A gift to the Annual Fund enriches programs and projects necessary to maintain our high level of excellence.

Providing the outstanding educational, spiritual, art and athletic experiences at SHCS requires funding beyond tuition. The financial resources necessary to support the wide range of academics and activities are substantial. In recognizing these financial demands, we rise to the occasion to meet or exceed them.

Help us reach our goal of 100% Parent Participation! Your contribution in any amount plays a significant role in maintaining our high level of excellence. Thank you for supporting Catholic education at SHCS. Give Today!

Your Gifts At Work

When you make an unrestricted gift to the Sacred Heart Annual Fund you support the area of greatest need at the current time. The Pastor and Principal determine the school’s priorities and set the Annual Fund goal through the budgeting process and stakeholder input. Annual Fund gifts help to meet these priorities, and allow us to entertain other opportunities that may arise during the year.

Every Gift Matters

Every gift makes a difference. Giving is a personal decision. Some donors consider their gift an additional investment in their children’s education. For others, giving expresses their gratitude for the role Sacred Heart has played in their own lives. We always encourage and appreciate the gift of prayer. So the only donation that is “too small” is none at all!

How To Make A Gift/Donation

There are several options! You can make a one-time gift or pledge now for later payment (by June 30). You may pay by cash or check. You may also make recurring payments throughout the school year. Donations are accepted via Sacred Heart’s WeShare website.

2017-2018 Annual Fund Parent Chairs

A huge thank you to Steve and Melissa Ainsworth for serving as the Parent Chairs for the 2017-2018 Annual Fund Campaign!

Thank you for your support of the Sacred Heart Annual Fund Campaign. There is no better investment than in helping students experience God’s unconditional love and mercy through a Catholic education at Sacred Heart Cathedral School.