Tuition Information

Tuition Information

Tuition Tiers & Schedule

Sacred Heart Cathedral School has two tuition tiers: Catholic and Non-Catholic Tuition Rates. A Catholic child is defined under Diocesan Policy as a child who has been baptized, is Catholic, and whose family regularly (weekly) attends Sunday Mass and actively supports the parish with time, talent, and treasure.

Catholic Tuition Rates are supplemented by the parish from which the student is a member. In order to receive this supplement, Catholic families must complete and submit to their parish the 2018-19 Knoxville-Area Catholic Schools Stewardship/Parish Contribution form. A link to this form is provided below. Catholic families will be assessed the Gross Catholic Tuition unless this form is completed and received by SHCS prior to the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

The following table illustrates the tuition schedule for SHCS families with students in grades K-8:

Tuition Information


Click the buttons below to access the 2018-19 Knoxville-Area Catholic Schools Stewardship/Parish Contribution form:

For more information and to learn about the tuition schedule for families with children in K-8 and Catholic high school, click the buttons below.


Tuition Support

Sacred Heart Cathedral School recognizes the financial commitment and sacrifice our families make in order to provide their children with a Catholic education. The Knoxville Regional Catholic Schools Operating Fund (KRCSOF) offers a tuition evaluation program for Catholic families who wish to enroll their children in Catholic schools but may lack the financial resources to do so. This fund was created and is supported by Knoxville area parishes. Resources are limited and an application for support does not guarantee that support can be granted.  

The FACTS Tuition Grant and Aid system is used to manage the application process and simplify required financial information. Based on the financial information submitted, FACTS makes a need based grant recommendation. Tuition Evaluation counselors from the Knoxville Catholic Schools Office review the recommendations from FACTS and will then contact applicants for further discussion and consideration. The deadline for tuition support applications is Friday, December 8, 2017.

To apply for tuition support, visit  For more information, click the buttons below, contact the SHCS Business Office at 865.558.4101, or email


Payment Plans

To assist our families in budgeting their installments to SHCS, we offer several payment schedule options. Visit the FACTS tuition link to enroll in a payment plan that allows you to select the option that best suits your financial needs.

Contact the SHCS Business Office at 865-558-4101 or e-mail

Tuition Information


In the event of withdrawal from SHCS (this includes withdrawal prior to school year start date), tuition charges from the beginning of the school year through the remainder of the current quarter will be due and payable on the date of withdrawal.  All student fees (Book, Technology, Miscellaneous, Home and School) are neither refundable nor pro-rated and are also due on the date of withdrawal.  Transcripts will be held by the school until full payment is received. For withdrawals due to circumstances beyond parents’ control, an exception may be made at the discretion of school administration.