From The Principal’s Desk 2/17/2021

Feb 17, 2021

Dear Sacred Heart Family,

We understand the importance of communication, especially during this unique and challenging school year. In that spirit, I’m writing today to touch base on our COVID-19 mitigation efforts at the school. I want to thank our teachers and especially our COVID committee for going above and beyond in their communication and commitment. It takes a team effort, and we are proud to have finished our 111th instructional day on campus this school year.

Currently, we have 7 active cases in our community. 3 of these cases are centered in the sixth grade. Given the number of students quarantined in that grade, as well as the potential risk of future exposure, we felt it an important precaution to shift sixth grade to virtual learning from now through Friday, February 26th. Throughout the year, our teachers have planned and prepared for such an eventuality, and we are confident that their learning will not miss a beat. 

On another front, we have received word that vaccines will be made available to our teachers beginning next week–what a blessing and answer to prayers!

I also want to thank you for your efforts in helping us remain on campus and humbly ask we all stay the course–continue to communicate proactively, socially distance, and err on the side of caution and keep your kids home when sick. The sum total of our actions makes a huge cumulative difference. 

Lastly, while these times may be challenging, please know that our school remains fundamentally committed to learning in person. Not only does research in education and pediatrics support this, but it is also part and parcel of our mission as a Catholic school–God made us to be in community with each other. As part of my own Lenten observance, I plan to set aside time each day to pray specifically for our school community. I’d invite you to join me in this. The sum total of our prayers makes a huge cumulative difference! I hope you have a blessed day.

Grace and peace,