From the Principal’s Desk

Sep 20, 2021

Newcomer’s Coffee

On Thursday, September 9th, Sacred Heart Cathedral School hosted a newcomers coffee. We met new families from California, New Jersey, Indiana, Florida, New York, and the Knoxville area. They were all impressed with how welcoming the Sacred Heart Community was. They appreciated all of the extracurricular opportunities available to their children through the school. One parent shared that her child shared that she felt like she had “come home.”

Remote Learning Day

Last week’s short week was full, making it seem longer than it really was. At the teacher’s meeting on Wednesday, we received feedback from teachers about the effectiveness of the remote learning day on Tuesday. Most teachers felt that it was beneficial, especially for those students and teachers who are new to Sacred Heart Cathedral School and did not have the opportunity to experience our remote learning system from last year.

Those who had problems accessing Google classroom have the opportunity to find out how that process can be improved. Teachers are also asked to be able to see their Google classroom from a student’s perspective so they can modify their posts if necessary. It was suggested that teachers keep things simple because not all parents and students are as tech-savvy as someone who uses it every day. 

It was suggested that they provide links within their lesson plans instead of just asking students to go to an internet site. Students’ completion of assignments varied between classes from about 80% to less than 10%. It was noted that because the day was an extension of a holiday weekend, that many students viewed it as another day off and not a school day. Suggestions that attendance is taken and a designated time for students to sign in and out of the program might improve the effectiveness of a remote learning day.

Covid Update

There have been some questions concerning how Sacred Heart Cathedral School is handling the rise in Covid cases. As of Tuesday, September 14, 2021, we have 7 active student cases and no active faculty or staff cases. We have 6 students that are quarantined. Since the beginning of the school year, we have recorded 30 positive student cases and 2 faculty or staff. That is 5.6% of our student body.

I am happy to report that we have not had any serious cases reported, symptoms have been mild, or students have been asymptomatic. I have been asked to clarify our procedures when a student has a positive Covid test. First, I would like to assure parents that we continue to disinfect and clean the building daily. We have an air ionization system in place that recirculates and cleans the air in the building over 30 times a day. 

We continue to distance children in both the cafeteria and the classroom. Since September 7th, we have had a mandatory mask requirement; however, parents may opt-out of masking their children by completing an Opt-Out Form. This is a temporary protocol that will be evaluated on October 1st. In spite of the fact that the Tennessee Health Department has said that if a child is wearing a mask and is exposed to a child who tests positive wearing a mask, the first child does not have to be quarantined, we are continuing to quarantine any exposed child. 

The statement does say that both masks need to be properly fitted! I have observed that properly fitted masks that stay that way throughout the school day are non-existent. For that reason, we will continue to contact trace all positive cases. However, according to new diocesan guidelines, if your child has had Covid within the last 90 days, they will not be quarantined. 

We have a new email address to contact the SHCS administration to report a positive case, a negative test, or any other concerns regarding the virus. Just send them to

When someone tests positive in your home…

-Exposed family members will quarantine

-Email to inform the school

-A school employee will contact you with further instructions

When contact traced…

-Students can test on the 4th day after exposure

-They can return to school on the 5th day after a negative test or on the 11th day without testing

-Family members of contact traced students do not have to quarantine 

When needing work during quarantine…

-Students’ teachers will be in touch regarding work your child will miss.

Mask Opt-Out

Learning with Little Eagles

Last week the Little Eagles were learning all about the letter A! They did an apple taste test experiment on Thursday and tried red, yellow, and green apples. Then they graphed which color apple everyone liked the best! What a fun week it has been!!

Enrollment Increasing

The secret about Sacred Heart being a great place for children to learn in an environment that addresses their academic needs and their spiritual, psychological, and physical needs must be getting out. We had 3 new students last week and 4 more starting this week. We extend a warm welcome to the new families at Sacred Heart Cathedral School.

Out of Uniform – Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2021

On Wednesday, September 22, 2021, we will have our first out-of-uniform day of the school year. This is a fundraiser to support the family of Alvin Ault, the maintenance man at St. Joseph School who was tragically killed on Cedar Lane by a hit and run driver earlier this month. The cost to come out of uniform is $2. Remember that even on non-uniform days, clothing should be modest in good condition, neat, clean, and fit properly. Clothing should be free of inappropriate slogans, pictures, or references. Tights and or leggings without skirts or knee-length shorts are not permitted. Undergarments should not be visible, and shirts should cover the midriff and not fit tight.

Yours in Christ,

Joan Turbyville