The Arts

Inspiring Their Creativity

We proudly offer a dynamic arts program. Our music, visual arts, and drama offerings allow children to explore their creative sides and discover new passions, while also strengthening their cognitive abilities, social skills, and problem-solving abilities.


Music is a hallmark of a well-rounded education. Inspiring both joy and creativity, our music curriculum helps students develop a love of music while learning to perform hymns, folk songs, and thoughtfully chosen classical and contemporary pieces. We believe music is meant to be active and offer numerous performance opportunities including the Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, assemblies, and leading music at school Masses.

Beyond their classroom instruction, students can also participate in the SHCS Youth Orchestra, the Music Club, Middle school electives in composition and music theory, and the Youth Choir to further enhance their learning and passion for music.

Visual Arts
The Visual Arts teach students there are many ways to see and interpret the world by providing hands-on opportunities that inspire creativity and imagination. Our Visual Arts program takes a cross-curricular approach that aligns what students are learning in their core classes with what they are practicing in art. We offer visual arts classes and summer camps, as well as opportunities for students to engage with a variety of media, including paint and pottery. Our art curriculum empowers students to better discover the variety of human emotion and, by inspiring their imagination, trains them to think creatively and critically.