Middle School

Middle School is a special time in a child’s life, and it requires a special approach. Sacred Heart pays real attention to the atmosphere in our Middle School.  We strive for an atmosphere of faith, learning and joy.  Middle Schoolers are always searching for ways to belong, and we offer them a variety of smaller communities within the larger school.

Studies continually show that the K-8 model is very healthy for children as long as the school leverages that model for the betterment of its students.  Buddy systems throughout the school, joint projects across the grades and peer leadership opportunities are examples of ways in which Middle Schoolers can learn to lead.

Small, gender-separate mentorship groups consisting of 6th, 7th and 8th graders meet regularly with a mentor.  The ultimate goal of these groups is to help students develop a relationship with Christ while practicing charity towards their fellow human beings.  SHCS also has a House system that combines these mentorship groups into four larger groups names after the Evangelists. Students wear a House t-shirt to school once a month and participate in activities that stem from the four pillars of our House system:  fun, spirit, service and community.   



Middle Schoolers can choose to participate in student council, a great opportunity to learn leadership skills.  

Our Middle School community gathers once a week for Middle School meeting in which, with the leadership of our 8th graders, we celebrate successes, build community and discuss issues pertinent to the Middle School.  One of the cornerstones of Middle School meeting is a celebration of what is true, beautiful and good, as an antidote to the cynicism of the world.  

We strive to make eighth grade a special and memorable culminating year for our students, including commissioning in the fall, monthly celebrations, a capstone trip in the spring, and a fun clap-out on their last day of classes.