Welcome from the Principal

The Sacred Heart Difference.

Sacred Heart Cathedral School has a long history of serving the whole child. We partner with parents to develop every facet of their child’s body, mind, and spirit. Through Mass attendance, frequent prayer, and classroom instruction, every child learns about the importance of putting God first in their life. Teaching children to live their faith by treating others as they would want to be treated is a challenge that our staff tries to meet every day. Each month we focus on a virtue, such as honesty, patience, and kindness, to learn about and put into practice in our daily lives. We also try to notice when others practice that virtue and commend them for it.

Teachers at Sacred Heart work hard to provide a stimulating learning environment in all areas of study. Of course, we teach the core classes of reading, writing, math, science, and social studies, but in a creative way that appeals to a variety of learning styles. If you visit our school, you might see our students in multiple activities involving technology, manipulatives, robotics, science experiments, and other forms of educational disciplines. In addition to the core classes, students also enjoy studies in art, music, Spanish, and other elective subjects.

Physical growth and development are encouraged through physical education classes, recess, and a variety of interscholastic athletic teams and activities at every grade level. You have the opportunity to be part of a team sport such as basketball, football, or soccer, or you may choose tennis or bowling.

We are proud of our teachers, our staff, and our students. Since 1956 many students have passed through the halls of Sacred Heart Cathedral School, and some have returned as teachers, parents of students, volunteers, and benefactors. Once you have been part of the Sacred Heart family, coming back feels like coming home.

Yours in Christ,

Joan Turbyville