Part of Sacred Heart Cathedral School’s mission states that our institution’s ultimate goal is to develop “students to their fullest potential and a life of service.”  Accordingly, service plays an integral role in the curriculum, the student experience, and the day-to-day life here at SHCS.  

Our students perform thousands of hours of service in the community and in school each year.  During the 2017-18 school year, SHCS students supported a number of causes including the victims of Hurricane Harvey, Catholic Charities, Samaritan Place, the Under the Bridge Ministry, KARM, Family Promise, and Second Harvest Food Bank, to which we donated 120 turkeys at Thanksgiving!  In addition, more than 100 students participated in the Catholic Charities Kids Walk in May 2018.

These countless acts are evidence that shows how God is working through our students to make our community a better place.  Our students are true embodiments of the verse from John’s First Letter, “Let us love not in word and speech but in deed and truth” (1 John 3:18).


Middle school students prepared blessing bags with winter essentials for homeless individuals in Knoxville for Under the Bridge Ministries.


SHCS families donated more than 120 turkeys to Second Harvest Food Bank during our Week of Giving in November 2017.


One second grader donated all of his birthday money to Family Promise, an organization the supports families in crisis.


Students wrote decorated and wrote holiday cards of encouragement to sick children, older adults, and military personnel. 


Elementary school students participated in a campus beautification activity for Earth Day.


Students in the 6th grade Service Learning class socialized and played board games with older adults at a Catholic Charities-sponsored nursing home.