Sacred Heart Cathedral School Charism

The Sacred Heart Cathedral School charism is the particular gift of the Holy Spirit to this community. It is laid out below as a set of characteristics that define this community’s charism and that we expect our students to learn and to exemplify more and more in their own lives as they progress through and from our school into the world.

Passionate commitment to the Catholic faith. Our school, a primary ministry of the Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and an outgrowth of Sunday worship, is devoted to helping our students become disciples of Jesus Christ and to helping them develop a passionate commitment to the Catholic faith.

A call to excellence. Inspired by the Biblical call to excellence, SHCS strives for continual improvement in order to offer programs that develop the whole child and that allow children to develop to their fullest potential.

Strength in academics. SHCS has long been known for the strength of its academic program. God provides us with outstanding teachers with the skill and commitment needed to challenge and support children in their learning.

Leadership. As the Cathedral school, we are called to be leaders within Catholic education and within the larger educational community. In our school, we are shaping Christian leaders to transform society. We invest in leadership throughout the school and put our students in situations daily where they can learn and practice leadership.

Virtues of the Sacred Heart. In service to The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we seek to model and teach the virtues that flow from that fountain of life and holiness, including charity, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, joy, humility, kindness and sacrifice. Hence comes our desire to know and love each child we teach and our commitment to service to humanity.

Healthy relationships. Influenced by the commitment of our founding order, the Sisters of Mercy, to shine a light in the darkness, we emphasize healthy relationships in our school community in every way.

Unity in diversity. We welcome a diverse group of students and create a welcoming community for all. We are a home for the universal Church.