Mentoring: Forge

Forging Faith, Family, and Future

Middle school should be fun. It is also a time of great transformation and every child deserves a mentor. Our unique mentoring program is central to our curriculum and to our identity as a Catholic school. During these pivotal years, it’s imperative that students have a trusted adult to guide and advise them on their journey.

Small Group Mentoring

Small groups are where we grow. Sorted by gender, each group of 10 or fewer students journeys alongside the same mentor throughout their middle school years. Mentoring time is lively, intentional, and relevant. Mentoring groups provide a safe space for responding to their questions, challenging their growth, and allowing them to speak what’s on their hearts.

House Gatherings

House events are fun, monthly gatherings that allow for competition, games, and team-building activities. Students are placed in one of our four houses–Matthew, Mark, Luke and John–at the start of their middle school career. They earn points for their House through games, by performing service hours, reading, earning merit slips, and attending sporting events.

Faith Formation

Spiritual engagement and growth are our purpose. Praise and worship, scripture, relevant devotions are all hallmarks of our weekly Faith Formation program. It’s a gospel-centered time of reflection set aside for our students to grow in their relationship with Christ.