Welcome to SHCS Grandparents & Friends Day!

We wish we could be with you today, but since we can’t, we wanted to give you a look inside our school!
Welcome to SHCS! 
Join us for a special GPSFD Mass at 8:00 AM on Friday, April 30th! 

Ideas for grandparents, special friends, and students to work on today:

  • Words from the Heart: Write a Letter to your Students-Write a letter to your grandchild(ren) and/or special friends and send it to them in the mail.

  • Send Virtual Love-Take a picture of you forming a heart with your hands or fingers.

  • Made with Love: Document a Family Recipe-Choose a favorite family recipe to document!

  • Send Virtual Flowers-Take a picture of flowers and email it to your grandparent and/or special friend.

  • Write a Family Prayer-Write a family prayer together!

  • Back in my Day…Interview a grandparent or special friend!

Our Book Fair is this week! To add to your student’s e-wallet follow the directions below:
Add to your student’s E-Wallet.
1. Click the link to the SHCS BookFair
2. In the Green box about eWallet, click “Get Started.”
3. Read about the eWallet and click “Create eWallet” when ready
4. Create an Account (Choose the role Parent; On the My Kids section, you can click Skip this Step)
5. Click to start the eWallet – when it asks for the teacher’s name and grade, you can say unknown and guess the grade. As long as student name is entered, we will get them the eWallet
6. Enter the amount and payment options and submit!
7. Repeat steps 5-6 for additional students
There is no need to print anything; we will get a report of the funds each day and apply it when the student comes to shop.